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Hello Guys!

I’m happy to announce that we are ready to release Metacraft revamp to a BETA state.
Now, that we are one step closer to a Metaverse, where everyone is connected to one big, global cluster!


We also have the first Node connected to the Metacraft Network, that is not part of the Metacraft Core!
Welcome Icingdeath9999s Oldworld server, where he manages the Old world where the roots of Metacraft are =)


What does this mean for you? Well, it can mean a lot! Depending on what you are or what you want to be.
First off, lets start with a little Feature list of the new Metacraft Metaverse.


  • New backend software for far better performance on the Metacraft Core Network! All Services provided by us run now smoother and better than ever =)
  • “True” Metaverse: Connect your Server to our Network and be part of a global network!
  • A Lobbyserver, center of the Metaverse. Travel through all worlds (i.e. Servers) owned by us or lead by Nodeowners
  • Metacraft Core provides the following Core Servers:
    • Lobby, the center of the Metaverse, connection place to all other Nodes
    • Vanilla, the pure Minecraft feeling, without much change to its core mechanics. But improved VR usage!
    • Hunger Game, seeking pvp fun? Well then join us in a pvp Round like in the Movie! Fight for Freedom and Glory!
  • Our first connected Node, not part of the Core network by Icingdeath9999 – The Old World! Server located in Netherlands =)
  • A new Wiki, for constant improvements and guides to for all users
  • No more registration and application needed! Thanks for everyone that did an application! We have over(!) 900 applications & members =D!


Now, what exactly is a node?

A node is an independent Server that is connected to the Metacraft Network. If you are a Server admin and want to join our network, please read


Each Node(server) has its own unique rule sets, following the global Metacraft Standards. Each Node is its own unique experience.

Please note, that this is BETA, it may have bugs. If you find some, please report them at or send an email to Information about Metacraft and it’s nodes can be found at



Thanks a lot and have fun while playing on the first, true metaverse!


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Hi guys!


With a little python script, I was able to parse the old YAML file to promote all users to their rank in the new permission system =)

We have now over 850 registered users! Though, of course, they are not all active – but still needed to be migrated =D




Users are migrated to the new permissions system!


Next up would be worldbased permissions, and  correct inheritance.




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Soon, the next generation of Metacraft will launch.


Currently, the BETA of Metacraft is running under – the old server has been shutdown and you require 1.7.10 to play.

As there is no documentation yet, Communication with the community is required. I will set up a Guide and the new information – If anyone is willing to help with documentation, please contact me on reddit /u/schemen =)


More will be announced soon.



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Hello guys!
The Server has been updated to version 1.6.4 in preparations for the next update.
You can get the running version on our VR Package page: Klick me!

Thanks everyone for keeping this project alive, I’m very proud of our little community and may the future bring a whole lot more interconnection!



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Hello People!


Hereby we announce our second event called “A Trip to distant shores“!

This is a one week event! You can download the information sheet here

From discussing about VR, fighting against monsters and having a drink at the Metadub Nightclub inclusive Dj WormSlayer playing good sound for us!
All in Virtual Reality! So let’s do the first big VR event!

We hope to get as many VR enthusiast  as possible to join and have fun with us =)


See you guys in the MetaVerse!

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Hello People!

First of all, my deepest apology!
Due a severe hardware failure on the server and me completly overworked we have some data loss on the server. The “Nether” is gone, and probably unrecoverable.
I’ll work with each player at loss an individual solution.


Now, what happened?

The disk where the VMs where located, broke down, and due an error on the raidcontroller – or probably me totaly overworked – the raidcontroller extended the wrong HDD and re initiated the disk where the data was to an empty raid and not the one that was supposed to be changed to. To bad ESXi does not support software raid…

The result of that heroic act is that all VMs are gone. Puff.

After rebuilding the MetaCraft machine, I noticed some weak spots in the backup system I was using, and with that, some data was not recoverable.
With that, the map “Nether” is gone.

Working since 16:00, I was able to pull my corenetwork up again.

IMPORTANT: The Raidcontroller is still rebuilding the raid. Please DO NOT go to mob/exp farms for to long, as this will create a huge load for now. I should be okay after one-two days.


So, what the steps to prevent any event like this?

The following steps are being done to to prevent similar events:

  • Do a full hardware sanity check
  • Replace unhealthy hardware
  • Rework complete backup concept
  • Rework network concept, so backup concept fits in
  • Get a second backup server (Or storage in general)
  • Get better monitoring
  • Search for a second Sysadmin (If you know someone capable, contact schemen)



For all the people at loss, I am very sorry for this unlucky event. It really hurts due the “Raid the Nether” event we had not to long a go.

I promise to find a solution so we can compensate the loss!


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Hello People!

The first group event on MetaCraft is this evening!
This is a event made, promoted and financed by players, part of Mumbleton!

Our goal tonight? We want to raid the Nether and create an outpost for safer Nether excursions.
Building together, defending together, talking together in a VR enviroment – like in the Metaverse or the OASIS!
This will be an 12 Hour event, so everyone, in each timezone can participate at least at some point =)
This is a Timezone convertor, please click for time information here.

You can find all the Information needed for this event on this Forum Thread:

[EVENT]Conquer the Nether with Mumbleton and PVC


You have not applied yet? No problem!
This only takes 1-3 Minutes, and as the mod team is online, we can promote you any time =)


Come and join  us on conquering the Nether together! =)

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Over the last few weeks, the team have been discussing how to go forward with MetaCraft. We’ve got a few grand long term plans, but before we can begin realising them we need some feedback from the people who matter most – The players!

One of the things we have been discussing is changing the way LWC works with regards to locking chests. We’re considering changing the default behaviour from automatic locks to everything having to be locked manually. This means that unless you spesifically want to lock something, it won’t be locked. This has the advantage of lowering the amount of “Accidental” locks, where furnaces etc get left in annoying places and need mod intervention to fix. This is also benefitial to Mumbleton, as we shouldn’t have half as many issues with locks!

The main reason for this post however is to do with the economy. We’re not completely sure how to handle this, and everyone on the team has a different idea. We can’t decide whether or not this is a good thing for the players, or whether it will just cause problems in how people play the game. Because of that, we’re asking you – the community!

At present, the economy is managed with a plugin that allows users to create chest shops etc. and each player has a sum of money associated with them that is handled by the plugin. If this was to be removed, the game would be a lot more like vanilla Minecraft and players would have to trade items by throwing them at eachother.

Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying the server so far – This is just the beginning, and hopefully what we have planned for the future will be as good, if not better than we’re imagining it! We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress with sneak peaks of what we’re working on ;)

Please vote on the poll below for your voice to be heard!

~ The MetaCraft Team

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Hello People!


Today I invested some time in going through all applications from our membership form to promote those people from Guest to Screener/Rifter which live in difficult time zones so they can play on our Server =).

I went through all 300+ Applications and synced with our user DB from the server, so if you have been missing out, you should now be able to play!
If you should still not be able to play, please contact us so we can promote you.


Next to that some other news:

  • Currently we are working on Several events, one of them will be very soon! (Probably next weekend)
  • We made some cool discoveries that may lead to future event with music (Wooh, DJ WormSlayer :P)
  • Horses are finally save from theft! Go to the spawn, you can find near the admin shop a guide =)
  • Automated donation is set up. If you like our project and want to help you can now donate for server cost/upgrades
  • Cymatic Bruce made some cool streams with us! Watch them here to get a feeling what our server is like =)
  • Some players on our server plan a Player made event this weekend! Join them and have fun together with PVC =D


Some people have questions on how you can earn money and there is now a new system added as we experienced that mobs are to unbalanced:

You can sell Iron Oreblock and Gold Oreblock to the adminshop to a fixed price. Next to that, there are maybe some players that pay you for materials =)


That’s it for now, enjoy your time on the server =)


~MetaCraft Team