A shore far away…

Hello People!


Hereby we announce our second event called “A Trip to distant shores“!

This is a one week event! You can download the information sheet here

From discussing about VR, fighting against monsters and having a drink at the Metadub Nightclub inclusive Dj WormSlayer playing good sound for us!
All in Virtual Reality! So let’s do the first big VR event!

We hope to get as many VR enthusiast  as possible to join and have fun with us =)


See you guys in the MetaVerse!

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3 comments on “A shore far away…
  1. FutureNetwork says:

    Hell, yes. Will totally be there.

  2. Hamgoth says:

    So pumped for this event. Ugh, can’t believe i’m going to be up at 3am Eastern USA time…. WORTH IT!

  3. Gunter444 says:

    Additive, Tyrian and I will all be there for the opening ceremony. Will be streaming it at http://www.twich.tv/gunter444 as well. Catch ya on the flip side.


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