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Over the last few weeks, the team have been discussing how to go forward with MetaCraft. We’ve got a few grand long term plans, but before we can begin realising them we need some feedback from the people who matter most – The players!

One of the things we have been discussing is changing the way LWC works with regards to locking chests. We’re considering changing the default behaviour from automatic locks to everything having to be locked manually. This means that unless you spesifically want to lock something, it won’t be locked. This has the advantage of lowering the amount of “Accidental” locks, where furnaces etc get left in annoying places and need mod intervention to fix. This is also benefitial to Mumbleton, as we shouldn’t have half as many issues with locks!

The main reason for this post however is to do with the economy. We’re not completely sure how to handle this, and everyone on the team has a different idea. We can’t decide whether or not this is a good thing for the players, or whether it will just cause problems in how people play the game. Because of that, we’re asking you – the community!

At present, the economy is managed with a plugin that allows users to create chest shops etc. and each player has a sum of money associated with them that is handled by the plugin. If this was to be removed, the game would be a lot more like vanilla Minecraft and players would have to trade items by throwing them at eachother.

Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying the server so far – This is just the beginning, and hopefully what we have planned for the future will be as good, if not better than we’re imagining it! We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress with sneak peaks of what we’re working on ;)

Please vote on the poll below for your voice to be heard!

~ The MetaCraft Team


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